How well do your sales and marketing teams work together? 

When it comes to customer and prospect engagement there are many opportunities for these two teams to work together. Are they coordinating efforts to ensure that each has the information they need to effectively execute on their part of the puzzle? As the buyer journey continues to change, it is going to become more and more challenging to spark interest.

Join us this month as Alex O'Neil from Flywheel talks about aligning your sales and marketing efforts to ensure that your company is maximizing its potential when it comes to gaining your leads' attention and ultimately closing more deals! After the presentation on the topics below, we'll have Q&A and group discussion. 


  • Demonstrating the importance of aligning sales & marketing
  • Laying the foundation for achieving this goal
  • Identifying how to use HubSpot, or other CRM's, to further this process and achieve efficiency

Who Should Attend

This is a great networking event for marketers and business professionals looking to learn more about aligning your sales and marketing efforts. You don't have to be a HubSpot customer to attend.